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   1st Anniversary of U.S.S. Estes AGC-12

  1. 1st Anniversary of U.S.S. Estes AGC-12 booklet cover
  2. Map of ports visited during 1951
  3. Letter from Captain Wood re. first anniversary of recommissioning.
  4. Command photographs: Espe; Sears; Wood; Currie
  5. Highlights 1 - photos: Commissioning day; Goodbye, U.S.A.; Hawaii
  6. Highlights 2 - photos: Prepared; On the watch; Looking shipshape
  7. Highlights 3 - photos; Welcome to Japan; How many Yen?; Sightseers' Land
  8. Highlights 4 - photos; Inchon Harbor; Alone; Lending a helping hand
  9. Highlights 5 - photos; Christmas Party; All for me; A good time was had by all
  10. Ports visited by the U.S.S. Estes (AGC-12)
  11. One year's events
  12. Back cover - Mt. Fuji (Fuji Yama)

   Fourth of July Dinner, 1951

  1. 4th of July Dinner, 1951 - Menu Cover
  2. 4th of July Dinner, 1951 - Menu

   R&R Leave: 01 October 1951 to 04 October 1951; Yamanaka Hotel

   Christmas Dinner, 1951

  1. Christmas Dinner, 1951 - Menu Cover
  2. Christmas Dinner, 1951 - Menu

   Letter from Captain Lee Yoon Hong, Chief of Inchon Women's Police, Inchon, Korea
     to crew and officers of USS ESTES AGC-12.


   Lee Nee Yoon - Korean Interpreter looking forward to return to U. S.

NARA/NAIL Holdings:

The National Archives & Records Administration (NARA)  has at least ten (10) films in their holdings that were produced by the USS ESTES or feature the ship. For a list of the films please visit the NARA/NAIL Web site and conduct a search using the keywords USS ESTES and AGC-12.


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