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The Truman Year / Chronology / Hong to Estes Letter 17 Dec 1951

Letter from Captain Lee Yoon Hong, Chief of Inchon Women's Police, Inchon, Korea to crew and officers of  USS ESTES AGC-12.

Care of Fleet Post Office
San Francisco, California

17 December 1951

Plan Of The Day

4. The following letter was received fromCapt. Lee Yoon Hong, Chief of Inchon Women's Police, Inchon, Korea, and published for information of All Hands.

To the Dear Officers and Men of the USS Estes:

   It is still clear in our minds, when on the 25th of June 1950, our eleven million Korean people were falling into the inhuman hands of the Communists. It was then the thousands of the U. N. Forces, as Angels of Peace, drove back the enemy and recaptured our Motherland and happy homes.

   All of this fighting is mysterious to us. I think it is God's test of the Korean people. We are indebted to the U. N. Forces who appeared as Angeles to help us. You have been fighting in Korea for 18 months and I guess you think it is very uncomfortable for you in comparison to your homes.

   We have offered nothing for your great acts except praise. We wish that we could make a party for you s you could have some fun, but because of the poverty which exists, it was impossible.

   On December 5th, you prepared many foods and gifts, and devoted yourselves just like the Merciful Mother to bring joy to these destitute youngsters. Your pleasant melodies gave these lonely children future hope and happiness.

   We deeply appreciate your extreme charity and kindness and they will grow up to be happy Koreans, and they will never forget you.

   I hope we shall have a victory over the Communists in the near future and all of you will return to your homes once again to lead a happy and peaceful life.

   Good luck to all of you!

          Very sincerely yours,

          Capt. Lee Yeon Hong
          Chief of Inchon Women's Police
          Inchon, Korea


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