The Truman Year
My Life in the U. S. Navy, 1948 - 1953

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   Welcome to THE TRUMAN YEAR.

   Francis Patrick "Pat" Clyde, served  his county and supported the United Nations during one of the more interesting time periods in our country's modern history. He entered the United States Navy in 1948, expecting to serve the standard four year hitch. Much to his surprise, he received a one year extension to his enlistment from President Harry Truman. Before he was honorably discharged in 1953, Pat witnessed post WWII Hawaii,  occupied Japan, the Korean War, and the birth of the Hydrogen Bomb in the Marshall Islands.

   I am fascinated by his sea stories and the pictures, letters and other ephemera that document his experiences during this part of his life. I am grateful that he has allowed me to share them with family and friends.

   This site is dedicated to him and his comrades in arms who received the Truman Year.

Shannon Clyde

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Francis Patrick USS LST-836 Ship HistoryPat Clyde in WhitesUSS Minniska YTB-408 PhotoUSS ESTES AGC-12 PhotoMike Shot - Operation Ivy

Francis Patrick "Pat" Clyde as a U. S. N. recruit, circa Summer, 1948. He later served aboard USS Minniska YTB-408, An Admiral's Barge, USS Estes AGC-12, USS LST-836, and USS Lenawee. He witnessed the first hydrogen bomb test (Mike Shot), and while visiting Nagasaki, Japan saw first hand the devastating result of the first use of atomic weapons in war.


[The Truman Year] [Chronology] [Photographs] [Ship Histories] [Ephemera]

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